BumbleB’s Kalvi40 team is very happy to officially release our 4 new series under GENERAL TOPICS / பொதுத் தலைப்புகள் for all our App users. We wholeheartedly thank and acknowledge the efforts taken by our beloved facilitators & inspirations to create these new series, 1. தமிழ் அடிப்படை அறிவோம் by Smt. Umadevi Arasu, 2. Let us Read Aloud by Shri. Krishnan Routhu, 3. குறள் இனிது, பாட்டு இனிது by Smt. Meenadevi RV, 4. Toys from Trash inspired by Shri. Arvind Gupta. (Video making under all these new series : Special thanks & Credits – Smt. Cinthuja)