Project Description

Welcome to Kalvi40 – A free Tamil educational application for Government school children from 3rd to 8th standard in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

BumbleB Trust’s non-profit initiative Kalvi40 provides digital content in different forms with focus on building holistic learning for every Tamil rural students need.

Advertisement free & simple design, Kalvi40 app contains the following features completely in Tamil language:


Interesting 3 minutes videos for every student (even if a learner who struggles) to learn in their mother tongue Tamil. All the five subjects, as per the Tamilnadu curriculum, the chapters & topics are listed. Slow paced audio, visual images based story telling method and key point prompting techniques used for video creation.

Practice Test

Self assessment in an interesting manner at every chapter level. Without dependency of a teacher or a parent, students can do self assessment and check the results on their own. Beyond that, at each question level, the mistakes can be observed and also any number of times, the assessment can be repeated

Timer based Test

Timer based test provides an opportunity to take test within the given time period. So at every chapter level, ability to do assessment at the necessary pace. Ex. 20 questions at 6 minute time period. This helps the students to gain confidence when they appear for class examinations.


In Tamil, through interesting puzzle (Vidukathai) on a every basis, makes the student think and attempt the answer. Everyday a new puzzle in audio format is provided, but the answer would be published the next day.

Moral Stories

In Tamil, to strengthen the moral values of students, every day a new moral story would be provided in audio format. Series of 10 top stories are also available to be listened anytime. Stories based on great Tamil literature like Ex. Kondrai vendan, Aathi choovadi etc are provided by an expert.

General Topics

To broaden students breadth of knowledge, to develop the overall skill and to provide holistic view of education – variety of topics are listed as series. Examples include, learn French through Tamil, English made easy, improve reading habit, learn about birds, Thirukural in interesting format etc.

Sample Videos of Kalvi40